Account Questions#

Can I change the frequency of the low-credit alert?#

Our system automatically sends out low-credit alert once your credits reach a certain threshold depending on your plan.

For monthly and annual plan subscribers, you will start receiving the alert once you have used up 50% of your subscription credits. And you will receive it more frequently once you have less than 100 credits left in your account.

For Pay-as-you-go subscribers, the system starts sending out alerts once you have less than 100 credits left in your account.

To make sure that you receive the email, please add to your contact list so the alert is not marked as spam.

We will soon add the option to change the alert settings.

Can’t reset password# has implemented a new login system that no longer requires users to enter a password. Instead, a one-time code will be required for logging in, providing enhanced security and greater control over account access.

As part of our website revamp, we will soon be removing the change password button.

In the event that you are unable to locate the one-time code in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder, as our emails may have been filtered as spam. We kindly request that you add to your safe sender list to ensure our emails reach your inbox.

Did not receive one time code#

If you did not receive your one-time code, please try the following steps:

Step 1: Verify Email Address Double-check that you are using the correct email address associated with your account when logging in. If you haven’t logged into your account for an extended period, we recommend reaching out to for assistance in confirming the accuracy of your email address.

Step 2: Check Spam/Junk Folder If you haven’t received the email containing the one-time code, it might be in your spam or junk folder. Proceed to check these folders in your email account.

Step 3: Mark Email as Not Spam If you locate the email in your spam/junk folder, mark it as “not spam” to ensure that future emails from are delivered to your inbox.

Step 4: Whitelist Email Address To prevent any further issues with receiving emails from, add the email address to your email whitelist. This ensures that emails from are recognized as legitimate and are not filtered as spam.

Step 5: Use Lowercase Email When attempting to log in, make sure to enter your registered email address in all lowercase letters. This ensures that the system recognizes your email correctly.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to receive the one-time code successfully and access your account without any issue.

Do credits expire?# offers users a variety of subscription plans, including monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as one-time credit packs to meet our customers’ specific needs.

As a monthly or annual subscriber, you’ll receive a set number of subscription credits each month, which can only be used within the designated month and reset at the start of each new month.

For customers seeking credits that don’t expire, we offer Credit Packs. These credits can be used at any time and don’t reset each month. Credit Packs can be purchased with a one-time payment and don’t automatically renew. You can view the available Credit Packs at this link:

Credit Packs can also be purchased in addition to a monthly or annual subscription. When you have both subscription credits and Credit Packs credits, the system will automatically use subscription credits first.

If your credit needs vary from month to month, we recommend considering Credit Packs. Alternatively, you can maintain a monthly subscription during busier months and switch to Pay-as-you-go with a Credit Pack during slower months.

To learn more about our plans and pricing, please visit this page:

How can I appoint another use to manage my account?#

Currently, only you have the ability to manage your account. Nevertheless, there are two options available to grant access to others:

1. Share your API Key: You can choose to share your API Key with another person if their access to your account is temporary. If needed, you can generate a new API Key for this purpose.

2. Change email address: To provide access to another user, you can change the email address associated with your account. This can be done by visiting the following link:

By using these options, you can effectively share access to your account with others as required.

How can I change my email address?#

To update the email address associated with your account, simply navigate to the account settings page and make the necessary changes there.

Kindly note that you must verify the change in your new email address before it takes effect. After successfully confirming, you will be able to access your account using the updated email address.

However, if you wish to modify your billing email address, kindly reach out to our support team for assistance.

How can I pause my subscription?#

At, we understand the importance of giving our customers complete control and flexibility over their subscriptions. That’s why we offer the option to cancel and reactivate your subscription at any time, ensuring that you have the freedom to manage your account according to your needs.

We want you to know that any non-expiring credits that you have not yet used will remain in your account, even if you cancel your subscription. This means that you can pick up right where you left off when you’re ready to use our service again. However, please be aware that accounts have a dormancy period. If your account is inactive for an extended period of time, the system will automatically tag the account for deletion.

If you do decide to cancel your subscription, the process is simple. Just go to the Subscription page at this link: and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

How can I update my credit card?#

Please go to the Subscription page to update your card information. On the Subscription page, please click on Update Billing Methods and it will take you to the management page where you can update your card, review all your invoices, and change your payment method.

If you don’t see the Update Billing Methods button, please contact us at

If you need to update your billing email address as well, please send us your new billing email address so we can update it for you.

How do I get notified when I’m running out of credits?#

Our system comes equipped with an automatic low-credit alert feature, which notifies users when their credit balance reaches a specific threshold based on their subscription plan.

If you are subscribed to a monthly or annual plan, you will receive the alert once you have utilized 50% of your subscription credits. As your account balance decreases, you will receive alerts more frequently, until you have less than 100 credits left.

For Pay-as-you-go subscribers with Credit Packs, low-credit alerts will be sent when the account balance falls below 100 credits.

To ensure that you receive these alerts, we recommend adding to your contact list to prevent the alert from being marked as spam.

In the near future, we will be introducing the ability to modify alert settings according to individual preferences.

How many credits do I need?#

You need 2 things to determine how many credits you need per month/year/project.

  • Number of pages

  • API/Function

For example:

  • You have 33,000 PDF pages to merge per month.

  • The PDF Merger API takes 2 credits per page.

    30,000 pages X 2 credits per page = 66,000 credits per month

To see which plan meets the 66,000 credits per month, please go to the Subscription page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the example numbers above are subject to change. To get the updated credits per API/function, please visit this page.

How to log in using a password instead of a one-time code?#

To ensure that our customers’ accounts remain secure, we are continuously enhancing our platform’s security measures. After careful consideration, we have determined that using a one-time code is a more secure option and offers greater control over who can access your account. Therefore, we have made the significant decision to remove the password option for logging in.

To access your account, you will now receive a one-time code in your email inbox. This code will expire after a certain period of time, ensuring maximum security. If you receive an error message indicating that the code has expired, please try logging in again.

How to set up multiple accounts for my agency?#

At present, each account is associated with one API Key. You have the option to utilize a single account and API Key for multiple projects, or you can create a new account for each customer.

If you use Gmail, you can take advantage of email aliases to create multiple accounts. For instance:

All these emails will be directed to your Gmail inbox,

How to sign up for a trial account?#

You can sign up for a account with free credits that you can use to test the API here:

Also feel free to explore the following resources:

API Docs - Source Code Samples - Video Tutorials -

How to stop receiving a low-credit alert?#

The system has an automated low-credit alert feature that activates when your credits reach a specific threshold based on your subscription plan.

For monthly and annual plan subscribers, the alert is triggered once you have utilized 50% of your subscription credits. As your credits decrease further and reach below 100, the frequency of alerts will increase.

For Pay-as-you-go subscribers, the system initiates alerts when your account balance falls below 100 credits.

Currently, there is no option available to disable the alert for a specific account. As a workaround, you may consider setting up an email filter that automatically archives emails related to credit alerts. You can refer to this guide on how to set up such a filter for Gmail: Google Mail Email Filter Setup Guide.

Rate Limit Error 429 too many requests#

API Request Limit

The API request limitation depends on your current plan and subscription.

  • Pay as you Go plan - if you have not made any purchases: 2 requests per second

  • Pay as you Go plan - if you have made a purchase: 5 requests per second

  • Users with a monthly/annual subscription: 25 requests per second

When you exceed the limit, you will get an error 429. This error is not logged in your API Logs.

429 Too Many Requests

  "error": true,
  "message": "Too many requests (limit by your current plan). Please try again later"

Request Rate Limit Increase

A 50+ request per second is available on custom Enterprise plans. Please contact us to activate this on your account. If that does not work for your project, here are our suggested workarounds:


PDF Splitter

  • Use pdf/split (or Split PDF in Zapier/Make) with pages parameter set to *. That will tell PDF Splitter to split every single page from the source PDF into a separate PDF.