Integrating File Sources with

Supercharge your Make workflows by seamlessly integrating with leading file storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. This guide meticulously outlines how to use these services in harmony with’s Make plugin, enhancing your document management capabilities.

Google Drive#

Effortlessly integrate Google Drive into your workflows: - Set up a Google Drive Trigger to Watch Files in a Folder - Follow with Google Drive’s Download a File action to fetch file binary data for subsequent steps. - Use the acquired data as input for actions.

Here’s the complete scenario with all steps:

Google Drive - Whole scenario

In the Download a File step, utilize the File ID from the Trigger as shown below:

Google Drive - Download a File Step

Finally, feed the data from Download a File into your action:

Google Drive - Utilization


Integrate Dropbox with ease:

  • Start with the Dropbox Trigger to Watch Files.

  • Add Dropbox’s Download a File action for acquiring file data.

  • Direct this data into’s action steps.

Visualize the entire flow:

Dropbox - Whole scenario

When setting up Download a File, use Path lower from the Trigger:

Dropbox - Download a File Step

The data from Download a File now serves as input for actions:

Dropbox - Utilization


Integrating OneDrive is straightforward:

  • Use the OneDrive Trigger to Watch Files/Folders.

  • Proceed with OneDrive’s Download a File action.

  • Channel the downloaded data into’s functionalities.

Here’s the setup in its entirety:

OneDrive Input Source

Configure Download a File using Item ID from the Trigger:

OneDrive Input Source

Finally, use the Download a File data as input for

OneDrive Input Source


Follow these steps for Box integration:

  • Set the Box Trigger to Watch Files.

  • Use Box’s Download a File action to obtain file data.

  • This data is then ready for use with actions.

View the full integration process:

Box Input Source

In Download a File, fill in the File ID using the Trigger’s output:

Box Input Source

The data from Download a File is now primed for actions:

Box Input Source