Integrating File Sources with

Incorporating file sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box into your Zapier workflows is essential when working with This guide details the specific input properties from each of these services to be used with’s Zapier plugin.

URL Accessibility for

For successful integration, URLs from services such as Google Drive and Dropbox must be accessible to We recommend using Zapier-generated URLs detailed in the sections below, guaranteed to be compatible with If employing direct URLs not via Zapier, verify their public accessibility to allow to process your files efficiently.

Google Drive#

When integrating Google Drive with in Zapier, use the File property to retrieve files. This property allows to access the file needed for processing.

Google Input Source


For Dropbox, the Direct Media Link property is utilized. However, it’s important to be aware of Dropbox’s file size limitation:
  • Limitation: Access to files is restricted up to 100 MB only. Larger files may result in an error.

Dropbox Input Source


OneDrive integration requires the Download URL property. This is effective for accessing files and passing them to

OneDrive Input Source


Box, similar to Google Drive, uses the File property to share files with This ensures seamless file transfer within your Zapier workflow.

Box Input Source File Storage#

Access files stored in Built-In Files Storage effortlessly using the filetoken:// link.

Accessing Files

Below is an example illustrating the selection of files from File Storage. Files Input Source